ZP3 Series

Recognise real fires sooner!

Advanced design, combined with high sensitivity smoke and fire sensing, enables the Ziton ZP3 Lite fire system not only to identify and disregard conditions, which would result in false or unwanted alarms – but to recognise real fires sooner. The ZP3 is available in 1, 2, and 4 loop sizes, accommodating up to 508 sensing addresses. For sites requiring above four loops, panels can be networked together to form systems capable of controlling over 50,000 devices from 100 panels.

Unique device addresses

Up to 127 line devices (sensors, call points, sounders or interface units) can be connected to the Ziton ZP3 Lite control panel. All loop devices incorporate switch settings enabling them to be assigned a unique address, the location of which is pinpointed and polled by the panel every two seconds. Variations in the sensors environment caused by increases of temperature or products of combustion are reported to the panel, where they are processed and compared to known fire data, prior to any alarm output being activated.

Software flexibility

Constant communication between control panel and sensor enables the Ziton ZP3 Lite system to provide a wide range of user facilities including pre alarm, constant sensitivity adjustment and service and near service listings for all sensor types. Software flexibility enables facilities such as alarm organisation, evacuation procedures and complex cause and effect requirements to be easily programmed into even the smallest system. All customer and site data is held in non-volatile flash memory, ensuring both ease of initial system data input and subsequent on site amendments and modifications should they be required.

Part No.ZP3Further Information
Z40009ZP3 Ð LITE Ð Single Loop Addressable PanelEngineer's Manual
User Manual
Z40010ZP3 Single Loop Addressable PanelEngineer's Manual
User Manual
Z40011ZP3 Two Loop Addressable PanelEngineer's Manual
User Manual
Z40012ZP3 Four Loop Addressable PanelEngineer's Manual
User Manual
Z40013ZP3 Flush Collar
Z40014ZP3 Flush Collar Chrome
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