Ziton Conventional Detectors


Designed to provide an early response to a wide range of slow burning, smouldering fires this 3-optical smoke detector provides reliable sensing for most conventional fire alarm applications.


This ionisation detector provides an early response to fast burning fires. It features reliable sensing of both visible and invisible products of combustion, for a range of conventional fire alarm applications.

Z10003 – Z10005

Based on advanced thermistor technology, this series of heat detector provides a reliable response to fires in areas where environmental conditions prohibit the use of smoke detection.


This detector base allows any of our Z1000 range of conventional detectors to be removed or replaced without disconnecting wiring from detector terminals.

Part No.UTC DetectorsFurther Information
Z10001 Optical smoke detectorEngineer's Manual
Z10002 Ionisation smoke detectorde mounting baseEngineer's Manual
Z10003 Fixed 58ºC heat detectorEngineer's Manual
Z10004 RoR 58ºC heat detector Engineer's Manual
Z10005 Fixed 82ºC heat detectorEngineer's Manual
Z10006 Diode mounting baseEngineer's Manual
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