Zeta Conventional Detectors

The Fyreye Extra optical smoke detector uses a pulsing IR LED & Photodiode to detect IR scatter caused by smoke entering the chamber.

The detector is particularly suitable for detecting optically dense smoke, involving materials such as soft furnishings, PVC, plastic, foam and all similar materials which produce small visible particles (0.5 to 1µm).

The detector will work with most modern fire alarm control panels and comes supplied with locking grub screw to prevent unauthorised head removal.

The Fyreye Extra range of detectors has an extra LED to improve detector identification in an alarm condition.

Fyreye Rate of Rise heat detector

The Fyreye Rate of Rise heat detector Y10002 uses a thermistor arrangement to sense a quick rise in temperature and also a final threshold temperature of 57ºC. The Fyreye fixed heat detector Y10003 has a single thermistor arrangement that gives an alarm at a temperature of 90ºC.

Fyreye Extra opto-heat detectors

The Fyreye Extra opto-heat detectors incorporate both an optical chamber and heat sensing element with advanced detection technology and discrimination algorithms. This multi sensor is the perfect replacement for ionisation detectors.

Part No. Zeta DetectorsFurther Information
Y10001 Optical Smoke DetectorEngineer's Manual
Y10002RoR 57ºC Heat DetectorEngineer's Manual
Y10003 Fixed 90ºC Heat DetectorEngineer's Manual
Y10004 Opto Heat DetectorEngineer's Manual
Diode Detector Base
Y10006 Relay Base
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