Zerio Plus radio fire alarm system




  • Installed with minimum disruption
  • Provides maximum protection
  • 240 devices
  • Up to 15 signal boosters
  • Option to wire boosters
  • 72 Hour standby
  • Sophisticated cause and effect
  • Multiple control panels
  • EN54 part 25 compliant
Part No.Zerio PlusFurther Information
P2000120 Zone Panel (8 and 100 zone available)Engineer's Manual
User Manual
P20002Smoke DetectorEngineer's Manual
P20003Smoke Detector/Sounder BeaconEngineer's Manual
P20004Sounder – Heat with SounderEngineer's Manual
P20005Sounder LED Strobe – Heat Sounder with BeaconEngineer's Manual
P20006Heat DetectorEngineer's Manual
P20007Smoke Detector SounderEngineer's Manual
P20008Manual Call PointEngineer's Manual
P20009Radio I/O UnitEngineer's Manual

Radio Heat with Sounder Product Guide

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