XPander is a system in which individual detectors, call points, interfaces and alarm devices communicate with the Apollo analogue addressable loop by radio signals.

A loop-powered XPander interface controls up to 31 XPander devices, each XPander device is assigned an XP95® address. This is recognised by the control panel in the same way as other XP95 devices connected directly to the loop wiring. Up to 5 XPander interfaces may be installed per site.

The XPander range benefits from the patented XPERT® technology that is also used in Discovery® and XP95.

XPander can be incorporated into fire detection systems in stately homes and architecturally sensitive buildings where the use of fire cables is either impractical or undesirable.

XPander has been certified to a number of worldwide approvals including LPCB and CPD. Alongside this the entire range is approved to EN 54-25 which is the industry standard for radio equipment used in fire safety areas.

  • Easy to install
  • XPERT card addressing
  • Self-monitoring
  • Proven technology
  • No special control panel needed
  • 868MHz radio channels
  • Up to 31 devices per interface
  • Up to 5 interfaces per site

Part No.XpanderFurther Information
C60001Optical Smoke Detector & Mounting BaseInstallation Guide
Engineer's Guide
C60002Multisensor Smoke Detector & Mounting BaseInstallation Guide
Engineer's Guide
C60003Heat Detector & Mounting Base (A1R)Installation Guide
Engineer's Guide
C60004Heat Detector & Mounting Base (CS)Installation Guide
Engineer's Guide
C60005Manual Call PointInstallation Guide
C60006Loop InterfaceInstallation Guide
Engineer's Manual
C60007Sounder Beacon (Red) with Mounting Base (Red)Installation Guide
C60009Sounder with Mounting Base (Red)Installation Guide
C60010Input/Output Unit (Single)Installation Guide
C60011Input/Output Unit (Dual)Installation Guide
C60012Expander Survey ToolInstallation Guide

All detectors and alarm devices within the XPander range are sold with mounting bases.

There are four aerials available to complement the XPander range:

Part No.XpanderFurther Information
C60013Omni-Directional AerialInstallation Guide
C60014Directional AerialInstallation Guide
C60015Weather Resistant Omni-Directional AerialInstallation Guide
C60016Weather Resistant Directional AerialInstallation Guide

Please ensure that you have attended a certified XPander training course prior to purchasing products from the XPander range. A site survey tool must be included in the first order of XPander products as a site survey must be carried out prior to installation.

Xpander Combined Radio Sounder and Detector Installation Guide

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