Vimpex Beacons and Sounders

The Banshee Excel LiteTM combines the aesthetics and performance of the Excel Sounder with either a very bright and efficient Xenon beacon or a low-current LED beacon.

Part No.Beacons, Bells and SoundersFurther Information
E10010 Red Bell BeaconEngineer's Manual
E10014 Banshee Excel Lite Red Sounder Beacon
Engineer's Manual
E10015 Banshee Excel Lite Amber Sounder BeaconEngineer's Manual
Banshee Excel Lite White Sounder BaseEngineer's Manual
E10017 Banshee Excel Lite Deep Base Sounder WhiteEngineer's Manual
E10018 Banshee Excel Lite Deep Base Sounder RedEngineer's Manual
E10019 Fire-cryer Red, Deep Base SounderEngineer's Manual
E10020 Fire-cryer Red, Deep Base Sounder Beacon
E10021 Banshee Lite Flashdome LED BeaconEngineer's Manual
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