Capella.28 2–8 zone Conventional Control Panels

The versatility of Capella conventional fire panels can be further enhanced by fitting Capella ancillary boards.

The S580 ancillary board connects to the RS485 serial bus of the control panel and provides the ability to extend fire, fault and coincidence signals to remote locations up to 1200 metres from the control panel using only two wires (four if powered by the main panel).

One ancillary board can be mounted within a Capella control panel on push-in standoffs behind the main equipment chassis. Alternatively, Capella ancillary boards are available in enclosures that match the styling of the control panel.

Individual volt free changeover contacts are available for each zone, common fire, common fault and coincidence operation.

Up to seven ancillary boards can be connected to each control panel allowing differing zonal information and control to be distributed around a building using a simple serial data connection.

The Capella control panel automatically detects any ancillary boards that are connected at start-up and will provide a communications fault and display the address of any boards that fail or become disconnected ensuring the integrity of the system at all times.

Key Features 

  • Two, four and eight zones
  • Aux. 24v supply
  • Standard remote control outputs – sound alarm, silence alarm, reset and fault
  • 3A Power supply
  • 2 fused 500Ma sounder outputs
  • BS5839 Part 1 compliant
  • EN54 – 2 and EN54 – 4 compliant
  • Lockable enclosure
  • Space for up to 2 x 12v 7 amp hour batteries
Part No.

Capella.28Further Information
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Eight zone panelEngineer's Manual
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