Two-wire AlarmSense

Two-wire AlarmSense has been developed to make the design and installation of a fire detection and alarm system easier and more economic for small to medium sized buildings.

The range also allows an existing system to be extended or modified if necessary. This flexibility make AlarmSense an excellent choice for use in Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMO).

Key Features

  • Detectors, manual call points and sounders are connected on the same two wires
  • Sounders can be wired to the same point as detectors
  • Fail-safe operation of manual call points when detectors are removed
  • Zonal fire tracking and alarm indication
  • Synchronisation of visual/audible alarms
  • Detectors and manual call point alarms are identifiable separately
Part No.AlarmSense Equipment
C80001 Optical and sounder beacon base
C80002 Heat A1R and sounder beacon base
C80003 High heat CS and sounder beacon base
C80004 Optical and sounder base
C80005 Heat A1R and sounder base
C80006 High heat CS detector and sounder base
C80007 Optical detector
C80008 Standard A1R heat detector
C80009 High tempreture CS heat detector
C80010 Detector base
C80011 Call point with back box
C80012 Relay
C80013 Sounder base
C80014 Sounder beacon base
C80015 Remote indicator
C80016 Open area sounder beacon
Open area sounder

 AlarmSense Installation Guide

AlarmSense Product Guide

AlarmSense Remote Indicator Product Guide (C80015)

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