Syncro Control Panels

2 or 4 loop versions as standard


  • 2 or 4 loop versions as standard
  • Larger enclosure available (fits 34A/H SLAs)
  • 0, 16, 48 or 96 zone indicators
  • Option for Enable Control Keyswitch
  • Fully supports Apollo, Argus Vega & Hochiki protocols
  • Network up to 64 panels/repeaters
  • 4 programmable sounder circuits as standard
  • 5.25 amp power supply to EN54 part 4
  • Larger graphic display
  • Certified to EN54-2 / EN54-4
  • 2 programmable function buttons
  • 3 programmable front panel mounted LEDs
  • Improved front loading printer (optional)
  • Up to 512 programmable inputs/outputs per panel via 2 wire RS485 serial link (optional)
  • Simple Windows graphical configuration utility
Part No.Syncro PanelFurther Information
A70001Surface 2 Loop 0 Zone LEDsEngineer's Manual
User Manual
A70002Surface 4 Loop 0 Zone LEDsEngineer's Manual
User Manual
A7000316 Zone LEDs
A7000448 Zone LEDs
A7000596 Zone LEDs
A70006Flush Bezel for Syncro
A70007Keyswitch for Syncro
A70008Onboard Printer for Syncro
A70009Hochiki Protocol
A70010Apollo Protocol
A70011Syncro Fault Tolerant Network CardEngineer's Manual
A70012Syncro Focus RepeaterEngineer's Manual
A70013Syncro Focus Repeater c/w PSUEngineer's Manual
A70014Syncro Focus + RepeaterEngineer's Manual
A70015Syncro Focus + Repeater c/w PSUEngineer's Manual
A70016Syncro ViewEngineer's Manual
A70017Syncro View c/w PSUEngineer's Manual
A70018Syncro View c/w Enable KeyEngineer's Manual
A70019Syncro View c/w Enable Key and PSUEngineer's Manual
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