Static Inverter Systems

The Illumino Ignis Static Inverter System is designed to supply power to an external lighting circuit.

When the input mains supply is within specification it is fed to the lighting circuit through the normal open contacts of the changeover contactor. If the input mains supply fails or goes outside preset parameters the system automatically goes into emergency mode and the changeover contactor operates, starting the inverter, supplying the lighting circuit with power through the normally closed contacts. The inverter derives its power from the battery.

When the mains supply returns to normal, the system automatically switches the inverter off and changes back to the normal mode supplying the load with mains power and recharging the batteries.

The system is microprocessor controlled and has many monitoring and display functions.

The display is via a front panel mounted PCB using LEDs to indicate the status of the system. Alarm conditions are accompanied by an audible alarm with a manual reset. Most systems have a digital meter reading the battery voltage and the charge/discharge current.

The system can be shutdown via the front panel.

The system is housed in a cabinet fabricated using 1.6mm sheet steel and is epoxy powder coated. Cabinet access is by a hinged door on the front. Cable entry is through an undrilled gland plate mounted at the top of the cabinet.

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