Illumino Ignis is proud to introduce the most advanced 2 wire system on the market.

We are delighted to be able to provide a system that gives all of the benefits associated with a ‘2 Wire’ installation (less cable, quicker installation, cost savings on labour/product) and has the facility to ‘I.D.’ the devices. The system is built on the proven communication protocol used in our largest, most powerful system.

SmartWire can be used for new installations, as a retro-fit for any conventional system or as a replacement for existing 2 wire systems when the extra features are deemed to be desirable/necessary. This is possible because SmartWire is different to addressable systems as the devices sit on radial circuits, not a loop, thus making it easy to ‘upgrade’ a system with the facility to I.D. devices without the need to re-wire.

SnartWire is available in black (as shown) or in white.

Cable Short Circuit Protection

Each zone is equipped with a short circuit isolator built-in to the panel, so any short circuit, no matter how severe, will not affect the electronics in the control panel.


The SmartWire fire alarm system has been designed to meet the full requirements of BSEN5839 part 1 and BSEN5839 part 6. The control panel has been designed to meet EN54 part 2 and EN54 part 4.


A single pair of wires is used from each zone terminal (radial circuit) which connects all detectors, call points, warning devices (sounders/flashers) and interfaces. There is no requirement for an ‘end of line’ device. This will save approximately 40% on the cost of a traditional 4 wire conventional system.

Cable Break Protection

In the event of a cable break, the panel will report the break. The devices after the break will be lost, but will be listed one-by-one on the panel display to help locate the break.

Alarm Indication

Each device can be uniquely identified (I.D.) by the panel with a 20 character label set for each. In the event of a fire or fault the exact device that triggered the event will
be shown.

Installation & Commissioning

In addition to the benefits already listed, once the panel has been connected a ‘Device Count Verification’ feature will confirm the number and type of every device. This can then be checked against the system specification.

Special Detector Bases

Our bases all come with both sounder and led flasher as standard. This makes our SmartWire system the only system available today with a sounder and flasher with every detector, improving the audibility and visual identification of an alarm.

Alarm Verification

Each smoke detector can be simply programmed to verify an alarm before a full evacuation. This gives the benefit of being able to operate an individual detector’s sounder/flasher base and have a time period to clear the smoke/verify the alarm. This makes SmartWire perfect for HMO installations.

Alarm, Fault & System History

SmartWire includes a 2048 event history that stores all alarm, fault and system events.

Zone Check – Cable integrity & zone identification facility

Our Zone Check facility allows you to illuminate the LEDs and flash the LED flashers of all devices contained within a zone. This has many benefits including identifying the location of a zone if you are visiting an installation for the first time and also checking the cable runs to all devices that should be contained in a zone. (It is also possible to narrow this down to an individual device if required.)

System Monitoring

Since every device is monitored constantly and communicates with the panel at a maximum interval of 4 seconds, any malfunction in any device will be reported by
the panel. This of course will include the exact location of the device.

Part No.SmartWireFurther Information
V20001Two Zone SmartWire PanelInstallation Manual
Quickstart Guide
User Manual
V20002Four Zone SmartWire PanelInstallation Manual
Quickstart Guide
User Manual
V20003Eight Zone SmartWire PanelInstallation Manual
Quickstart Guide
User Manual
V20004Repeater PanelInstallation Manual
Quickstart Guide
User Manual
V20005Optical smoke detectorInstallation Manual
V20006Rate of rise heat detectorInstallation Manual
V20007Fixed temp heat detectorInstallation Manual
V20008Opto heat detectorInstallation Manual
V20009Sounder beacon baseEngineer's Guide
V20010Call point red with black boxInstallation Manual
V20011Call point waterproof
V20012Relay unit
V20013Remote indicator
V20014Standalone red sounderEngineer's Guide
V20015Standalone red sounder beacon
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