1 – 64 line emergency voice communication system

For most people, a simple instruction like “please leave the building by the nearest available exit” can be acted upon quickly and easily. But for wheelchair users, the disabled and infirm, this isn’t always the case.

Current Building Regulations recognise this and insist all new non-domestic buildings with more than one storey provide ‘refuge’ areas – relatively safe places where people who cannot easily use fire escapes and evacuation lifts can call for assistance and wait until help arrives.

Simple, effective two-way communication in these areas is essential, firstly to assist rescue teams in determining where assistance is required and secondly to reassure people help is on the way.

Communication systems in refuge areas are known as Emergency Voice Communication (EVC) Systems and SigTEL is suitable for use in all types of EVC application – be it a disabled refuge, fire telephone or stadium marshalling system.

Incredibly easy to use and offering true duplex speech, SigTEL meets and exceeds the requirements of standards such as BS 5839 Part 9 in all areas and is hugely cost-effective in comparison to other systems on the market.

The range comprises two wall-mounting master controllers (the ECU-4 and ECU-8 which can handle 4 and 8 lines respectively) and an eight line expansion unit, the ECU-8S. Typically located in a building’s control room or fire services access point, the ECU-4 and ECU-8 allow management and/or the fire services to communicate via a telephone-style handset with the system’s ‘outstations’. Two types of outstation are available (Type A and Type B).


Part No.Sigtel ProductsFurther Information
R20001Sigtel Ð 8 Line Master EVC Control Unit
R20002Sigtel Ð 4 Line Master EVC Control Unit
R20003Sigtel Ð 8 Line Master Control Unit (No Handset)
R20004Sigtel Ð 8 Line Slave Expansion Unit
R20005Sigtel Network Communication Card
R20006Sigtel Handsfree Duplex EVC Outstation, Flush, SS
R20007Sigtel Handsfree Duplex EVC Outstation, Flush, Green
R20008Sigtel Handsree Duplex EVC Outstation, Surface, SS
R20009Sigtel Handsfree Duplex EVC Outstation, Surface, Green
R20010Sigtel EVC Line TesterEngineer's Manual
R20011Sigtel Blue Xenon Strobe 12V
R20012Sigtel Amber Xenon Strobe 12V
R20013Sigtel Strobe Drive Module 12V
R20014Sigtel 16 Line Master EVC Control Unit
R20015Sigtel Fire Telephone EVC Outstation (Push to Open)
R20016Sigtel Fire Telephone EVC Outstation (Lift Lock)
R20017Sigtel Red Desk Telephone Only
R20018Sigtel 2 Way Line Card for Fire Telephone Outstations
R20019Sigtel 2 Way Line Card for Disabled Refuge Outstations
R20020Sigtel 2 Message Card for CCU
R20021Sigtel Custom Message Card for CCU
R20022Sigtel 32 Line Desk Control Unit
R20023Sigtel 64 Line Desk Control Unit
R20024Sigtel 128 Line Desk Control Unit
R20025Sigtel Wall Mount Bracket for Desk Control Units
R20026Sigtel Grey Flush Bezel
R20027Sigtel Grey Steel Anti Tamper Enclosure, Surface
R20028Sigtel Stainless Steel Anti Tamper Enclosure
R20029Sigtel Weatherproof EnclosureEngineer's Manual
R20030Sigtel Red Flush Bezel for Fire Telephone Outstations
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