Signaline HD Controller

Signaline HD analogue heat sensing cable must be used with a Signaline HD controller and End of Line Unit.

These enable the Signaline HD heat sensing cable to be fully monitored for open and short circuit. The controllers are equipped with volt free fire and fault relays that are connected to the fire control panel via an Interposing Line Unit. Alternatively the Controller can be used as a stand alone device using the relay contacts to activate subsidiary equipment.


  • Easy and economical to install
  • Very simple to set up and operate
  • Controller will monitor up to 500 m of sensor
  • cable (dependent on ambient temperature)
  • The sensor cable is resistant to corrosion and
  • moisture and can be reset after use
  • Signaline-HD-SKM-03 and Signaline-HD-SKM-95
  • are VDS approved EN 54 part 5 & 17

There are three Signaline controller models to choose from:

Part No.Product UsageFurther Information
E40018Signaline-HD-SKM-03 Conventional systemsEngineer's Manual
E40019 Signaline-HD-SKM-03UK Conventional systems (designed to raise an alarm when 1m of Signaline HD cable is heated to 60 °C)Engineer's Manual
E40020 Signaline-HD-SKM-95 Loop powered addressable controller for use on Apollo XP95 protocol systemsEngineer's Manual
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