Risk Assessment

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 became law in October 2006 and introduced significant changes to workplace fire safety responsibilities. As well as simplifying the legislative regime by bringing all fire safety legislation together into one Order, it introduced the need for employers, building owners and occupiers as ‘responsible persons’ to carry out,implement andmaintain a fire safety risk assessment.

Failure to undertake a fire safety assessment could result in devastating consequences if an unforeseen incident occurs, as well as penalties of up to £5,000 fine and possible imprisonment.

In spite of this, carrying out a risk assessment can be seen by many identified as the ‘responsible person’ to be too big a responsibility and requiring them to take time away from the operating of their business. In addition, whilst the level of necessary competence is not prescribed in the Order, the legislative framework covering fire safety extends to more than 60 statutes and regulations, which makes it a time consuming and highly involved task.

The responsible person can appoint one or more employees as ‘competent persons’ to undertake the assessment, usually on top of their usual job role. However, when weighing up the amount of time, training and expertise required to get such individuals to a level to successfully undertake such a responsible task, it can become very costly.

Ilumino Ignis can take this responsibility away, leaving business owners and employees free to focus on their workload.

Speak to Illumino Ignis for tailor made support

Our qualified team, who are kept up to date on all statutory requirements and legislative changes, will carry out an initial risk assessment survey and from here, report and advise on the most cost-effective way of meeting the risks. Where necessary, we can carry out any fire-stopping work for compliance certification to be issued. We also offer a maintenance service where we will keep a record covering your legal obligations and changes in the use of your premises.

Whatever level of support and involvement Illumino Ignis provide, it will always be tailored specifically to a customer’s needs. We can offer a complete package, or alternatively, only certain parts of our expertise, but with all of service, we provide complete peace of mind that all work is undertaken to meet current legislative requirements.

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