Unauthorised disposal of radioactive sources can lead to fines of up to £20,000, or in some cases, prosecution.

For the disposal of all Apollo ionisation detectors, Illumino Ignis recommend customers contact Apollo who authorised by the UK’s Environment Agency, to dispose of the radioactive sources used in all Apollo ionisation detectors, inlcuding the Mark I, Mark II, Series 30 and Series 90 detectors, as well as Series 60, Series 65, XP95 and Discovery detectors (and variants of). Costs are maintained at a competitive level to ensure the items are disposed of safely and legally.

Detectors should be returned to Apollo for disposal:
– at the end of their 10 year working life
– if they are no longer required, for example, if they have been replaced or removed from a fire detection system
– if they have become damaged

For more information please visit click here.

Other makes of smoke detectors may be disposed of through Active Collection Bureau. For more information please visit: www.acb.co.uk


Click here to view ‘A Guide to when EEE become Waste (March 2012)’


Please note: Whilst Illumino Ignis may recommend companies for disposables to our clients, we take no responsibility for any contract formed or work carried out.

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