Remote Indicators, Relays, Device Isolators, Sounder Extenders

Part No.Remote Indicators, Relays, Device Isolators, Sounder ExtendersFurther Information
F20001Remote LED indicator, supplied on a single gang plate. Ideal for connecting to hidden or out of sight detectors or directly to a sounder circuitEngineer's Manual
F2000224V 5A relay on a plate, supplied on a single gang plate. Ideal for operating door retaining magnets, rollershutter doors & other ancillary devicesEngineer's Manual
F20003Auxiliary device isolator, supplied on a single gang plate. Allows a 24V d.c. output from a fire panel to be remotely isolated, ideal for preventing autodiallers, rollershutter doors, etc., from accidentally triggering during routine maintenanceEngineer's Manual
F2001324V 5A isolatable relay on a plate c/w buzzer, supplied on a single gang plate. Combines the functions of a 5A relay and device isolator in one unitEngineer's Manual
F20006Four zone monitored sounder extender, supplied on a double gang plate. Provides four extra sounder circuits with open and closed circuit fault monitoring, two trigger inputs and one fault outputEngineer's Manual

Easy-Relay 24 

  • The Easy-Relay 24 is intended for use in 24VDC applications such as fire system interfacing
  • There is a built-in diode in series with the coil, which allows easy connection to bell circuits that use EOL resistors
  • The relay is a compact power type. It has two sets of contacts, each capable of switching 8 amps.
  • An LED is provided to visually indicate that the contacts are in the active position.

Part No.Easy-Relay 24Further Information
F2000524V DC Plate RelayEngineer's Manual

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