Recessed LED Exit Sign

An energy saving Exit Sign that utilises longer life LED technology.

The unit features Dual Circuit Technology control board making it suitable for both Non-Maintained & Maintained applications. The LED light unit provides a relatively consistent light output throughout its expected 5-year operational life compared to the shorter life cycle of equivalent fluorescent tubed product. The unit is supplied with a choice of legends that are screw mounted onto the legend blade to give a 25 metre viewing distance. The unit is available in White or Aluminium finish and in with various mounting options.

Key Features

  • Longer life LED Technology
  • Suitable for maintained and non-maintained
  • LED light unit provides 5 year operational life
  • Full recessed
  • Self-test as standard
Part No.Further Information
K10009LED hanging maintained 3 hour recessed exit sign with self-test as standard - whiteEngineer's Manual
K10087Arrow left legend
K10088Arrow right legend
K10089Arrow down legend
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