Protective cages

This comprehensive range of cages have been designed to protect smoke detectors, smoke beam/CCTV, clock/fire bells, external/emergency lighting, motion detectors and beacon/sounders from vandalism and misuse.

Constructed from plastic coated, heavy duty galvanised steel rod, the cages can cope with the severest of abuse from vandalism or accidental damage. Installation fixings are provided, but where additional security is required, tamper resistant screws and matching bits are available.

Key features

  • Constructed from heavy duty galvanised steel rod
  • Plastic coated for durability and external use
  • Protects against vandalism or accidental damage
  • Designed so there is no interference with the operation of the protected unit
  • Supplied with full fixing kit
  • Optional tamper resistant fixings available
  • Available from stock
  • Custom cages built to order
  • LIfetime guarantee against breakage in normal use

Part No.Protective Cages
Bell Cage
M10001Bell cage 270mm dia x 152mm deep
M10002Sounder/beacon cage or combined 150mm dia x 125mm deep
M10003Sounder/beacon cage or combined 95mm dia x 90mm deep

Part No.Maximum internal dia.Minimum internal dia.Internal depth
Flush Mount
M10004210mm (8.25")150mm (6")70mm (2.75")
M10005175mm (6.88")125mm (5")75mm (2.95")
M10006175mm (6.88")110mm (4.3")95mm (3.75")
M10001215mm (8.5")78mm (3")124mm (4.88")
M10007174mm (6.87")50mm (1.97")63mm (2.5")
Surface Mount
M10008215mm (8.5")155mm (6")108mm (4.25")
M10009180mm (7")100mm (4")115mm (4.5")
M10010214mm (8.4")85mm (3")145mm (5.7")
M10011174mm (6.87")50mm (1.97")115mm (4.5")

Part No.HeightWidthDepth
Beam Detector Cages
M10012196mm (7.75")145mm (5.7")152mm (6")
M10013225mm (8.875")140mm (5.5")120mm (4.72")
M10014260mm (10")195mm (7.5")325mm (12.8")
M10015525mm (20.6")450mm (17.7")306mm (12")
M10016404mm (15.9")400mm (15.7")410mm (16")
M10017275mm (10.82")237mm (9.32")120mm (4.72")
M10018280mm (11")244mm (9.62")140mm (5.5")
M10019186mm (7.3")160mm (6.3")143mm (5.63")
M10020187mm (7.3")122mm (4.8")70mm (2.75")

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