PDA Range Microphones

Part No.PDA Range Microphones
F80043Omni-directional plated microphone, for wall/ceiling/desk mounting. For direct connection PDA Pro-Range or an outreach chain
F80044Tie/desk microphone for plate
F80045Handheld microphone for plate
F80046Lectern microphone for plate
F80047Lectern microphone
F80048Desktop microphone for plate
F80049Desktop microphone
F80050Desktop microphone, push to talk
F80051Professional handheld mic
F80052Lavalier radio mic. (4 selectable frequencies)c/w Rx, Tx, psu
F80053Handheld radio mic. (173.8 KHz) c/w Rx, Tx, psu.
F80054Hanging ambient microphone for PDA Pro-Range
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