Orbis Conventional Detectors

Key Features 

  • StartUpTM uses a flashing red LED to confirm that the devices are wired in the correct polarity
  • Continuity Link enables voltage testing of zone wiring prior to commissioning
  • Transient Rejection uses algorithms to filter out temporary abnormal readings, helping to reduce false alarms
  • Drift Compensation maintains calibrated sensitivity levels even if the detector is contaminated.
  • DirtAlert® uses a flashing yellow LED to show that the drift compensation limit has been reached
  • SensAlert® is a yellow flashing LED switched on in the unlikely event of incorrect detector operation
  • FasTest® maintenance procedure takes just four seconds to test and confirm that smoke and heat detectors are functioning correctly
Part No.Orbis DetectorsFurther Information
C90001 Orbis Optical DetectorEngineer's Manual
C90003 Orbis Multi-SensorEngineer's Manual
C90004 Orbis RoR 57ºC Heat DetectorEngineer's Manual
C90005 Orbis Fixed 57ºC Heat DetectorEngineer's Manual
C90006 Orbis RoR 75ºC Heat DetectorEngineer's Manual
C90007 Orbis Fixed 75ºC Heat DetectorEngineer's Manual
C90008 Orbis RoR 90ºC Heat DetectorEngineer's Manual
C90009 Orbis Fixed 90ºC Heat DetectorEngineer's Manual
Part No.Orbis BasesFurther Information
C90002Orbis Timesaver Diode BaseEngineer's Manual
C90010Orbis Timesaver Sav-Wire BaseEngineer's Manual
C90011Orbis Timesaver Heater BaseEngineer's Manual
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