Nittan Addressable Devices

An advanced, premium fire system featuring analogue addressable and conventional fire detectors, with 254 addresses per loop.

Evolution combines extremely reliable fire detection with a very high degree of protection against unwanted false alarms. It’s advanced, highly flexible protocol, is uniquely resistant to noise and allows for substantial amounts of information to be transmitted at high speed.

Part No.Nittan Evolution DetectionFurther Information
Y20001Optical Smoke Detector (EV-P)Engineer's Manual
Y20002Dual Optical Detector (EV-DP)Engineer's Manual
Y2000392 Degree Heat Detector (EV-H-CS)Engineer's Manual
Y2000454 Degree Heat Detector (EV-H-A1R)Engineer's Manual
Y20005Optical Smoke & Heat Detector (EV-PH)Engineer's Manual
Y20006Optical Detector c/w Sounder (EV-PS)Engineer's Manual
Y20007Manual Call Point (EV-MCP)Engineer's Manual
Y20008Waterproof Call Point (EV-MCPWP)Engineer's Manual
Y20009Detector Mounting Base (UB-4)Engineer's Manual
Y20010Remote Indicator (STA - RI)Engineer's Manual
Y20011Isolator Base (SCI-5)Engineer's Manual
Y20012Isolator Wall Mounted (SCI-6)Engineer's Manual
Y20013Duct Detector Housing (UG-3)Engineer's Manual
Y20014Evolution Programmer (EV-AD2)Engineer's Manual
Part No.Nittan Evolution PeripheralsFurther Information
Y20015Mini Input ModuleEngineer's Manual
Y20016Output ModuleEngineer's Manual
Y20017Input ModuleEngineer's Manual
Y20018Single Input ModuleEngineer's Manual
Y20019Sounder Control UnitEngineer's Manual
Y20020Zone Monitor ModuleEngineer's Manual
Y20021Sounder Booster ModuleEngineer's Manual
Y20022Main Switching RelayEngineer's Manual

Part No.Nittan Evolution Sounders & BeaconsFurther Information
Y20023Sounder Base (EV-ABS)Engineer's Manual
Y20024Sounder Base Cover Plate (WHITE)Engineer's Manual
Y20025Sounder Beacon Base (EV-AV2 BASE)Engineer's Manual
Y20026Sounder Beacon Low Profile (EV-AV2)Engineer's Manual
Y20027Beacon Base (for use with EV-PS)Engineer's Manual
Y20028Wall Mounted Sounder Beacon (EV-HIOP-SB)Engineer's Manual
Y20029Wall Mounted Sounder (EV-HIOP-SDR)Engineer's Manual
Y20030Base for EV-ABS (UB4-EV-AB)Engineer's Manual

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