Mounting and Installation Accessories

We offer a selection of accessories that can be used when installing detectors, sounders and interfaces.

These include backplates providing a high degree of protection from ingress of water or dust and mounting boxes which make installation easy prior to the fitting of false ceilings.

Apollo Backplate

The Backplate provides a high degree of protection against the ingress of water or dust into the back of the detector mounted directly onto a mounting box. When the Backplate is used with an XP95 device, the number tab of the XPERT card must be snapped off and placed in one of the knockout slots provided in the Backplate.

  • Protects against water ingress
  • Improved performance
  • Fits Discovery, XP95, Orbis, Series 65 and AlarmSense bases

Apollo Base Cover Series 65

Base Covers are available as part of the Series 65 and XP95 ranges.

  • Protects base when detector not in place
  • Aesthetically pleasing

Apollo Conduit Box

The Conduit Box is a versatile accessory for surface mounting Apollo bases. The box has knockouts to accept PG16 or M20 cable glands, conduit or mini-trunking. Self-tapping screws are included to fit the detector base to the Conduit Box.

  • Easy to install
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Colour matched to detector and base

Apollo Ceiling Tile Mounting Box

The Deckhead Mounting Box gives extra protection to devices to be fitted in areas where there is the possibility of moisture or condensation ingressing through the rear of the base. The new version is suitable for a wider range of detector bases as well as Apollo’s AV bases.

  • Protects against water ingress
  • Improved performance
  • Available in polycarbonate or metal
  • Polycarbonate Deckhead Mounting

 Apollo Sounder Ceiling Plate

The Sounder Ceiling Plate allows surface mounted cabling to be fitted to a loop-powered sounder base.

  • Ease of installation

Apollo Module Base

The Module Base is an accessory which can be secured to a standard base allowing customers to fit their own electronics.

  • 5mm in depth

Apollo Ceiling Tile Mounting Box

The ceiling tile mounting box has been designed to make the installation of detectors and sounders quick and easy prior to the fitting of a false ceiling.

Detector and sounder bases can be fitted, wired and if necessary, tested and commissioned before the installation of a false ceiling. Detector heads can even be fitted to the bases. When the false ceiling is in position, the mounting box can be slotted into place without disturbing the wiring.

A separate box is not required as it forms part of the ceiling mounting box.

Part No.Apollo Mounting and Installation AccessoriesFurther Informatin
T10002Apollo backplate
T10003Apollo base cover series 65
C40038Apollo base cover XP95
T10004Apollo conduit box
T10005Apollo sounder ceiling plate
T10006Apollo module base
T10007Apollo deckhead mounting box
T10008Apollo metal deckhead mounting box Ð PG 16 glands
T10009Apollo deckhead mounting box accessory kit
T10010Apollo metal deckhead mounting box Ð M20 components
T10011Apollo deckhead adaptor
T10012Apollo O ring
T10013Apollo ceiling tile mounting boxEngineer's Manual

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