Miscellaneous Devices

  • Hundreds of applications – suitable for use in hotels, leisure centres, nursing homes, shops, offices, GP surgeries, factories, warehouses, restaurants and more
  • 12V d.c. system – simple to install, easy to use and highly reliable – standard six core security cable ideal for most installations
  • Wide range of indicator panels covering 1 to 90 zones including a new flush or surface mountable 20-40 Zone Call Controller
  • Extensive range of ancillaries including ceiling pulls, wall-mounting call points, monitoring points, overdoor lights, infrared ceiling receivers, remote sounders, relays and more
  • Attractive compact design (most wall-mounting components fit 25mm UK single or double gang back boxes. Ceiling pulls and water resistant alert points are surface mountable)
  • Two levels of call – standard (constant tone) and emergency (intermittent tone)
  • No limit to system size – components can be mixed to meet the layout and call
  • communication requirements of virtually any building


Part No.Miscellaneous Devices
F20094Call latch module, can trigger a standard call from a n/o or n/c switch
F20095Multi-purpose call latch module, can trigger a standard and/or an emergency call from a normally open switch (includes confidence LED & on-board magnetic reset)
F20096Area isolator, can be used to isolate areas/zones
F20097Emergency 5:1 input expander, can be used to provide area/zonal indication
F20098Standard 5:1 input expander, can be used to provide area/zonal indication
F2009912V relay unit, can be used to switch sirens, strobes, etc.
F2010110 x anti-tamper screws
F2010250 x anti-tamper screws, can be used to secure s/steel devices in high risk environments
F20103Anti-tamper Allen key, for use with anti-tamper screws
F20104Tone only UHF paging transmitter, supplied with one tone-only pager
F20105Extra tone-only pager
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