Luna.28 2-8 Zone Conventional Control Panels

The LUNA.28 panel supports a wide variety of commonly available detectors,
call points and sounders from various manufacturers and has many useful configurable options, inputs and outputs to aid with installation and retrofitting.

Key Features

  • 2, 4 & 8 Zone versions available in an aesthetically pleasing design
  • Sturdy, flame retardant, ABS plastic enclosure with controls, zone text insert & indications overlay
  • Easy to install, program and use. Key operated controls access (no ‘user confuser’ codes!)
  • Panel can be surface or semi flush mounted and has 20mm cable gland breakouts
  • Comprehensive LED indications and user/engineer controls
  • Low standby power consumption
  • 4 Sounder circuits 4 & 8 zone, 2 on 2 zone panel Zonal & Alert sounder options configurable
  • 1.5A switched mode power supply with temperature compensated battery charging
  • Enclosure houses 3.4Ah SLA batteries as standard
  • 8 Zone repeaters available with 24V or mains operation (suitable for 4 & 8 zone panels only)
  • 10uF Capacitor for zone EOL device
  • 10K Resistor for sounder circuit EOL device
  • Zone 1 non latching option
  • Zone dependency function
  • Call point discrimination function
  • Alert/Evac. call point function
  • Zones, sounders & fire signal disablement
  • Independent zone testing
  • Sounder test mode
  • Fault monitored fire signal output
  • Earth fault monitoring
  • Short circuit zone activation option (global)
  • EOL zone resistor option for retrofitting (global)
  • 3 repeater panels max

Click here to download Luna.28 Panel Engineer’s Manual

Click here to download Luna.28 Panel User Manual

Part No.LUNA.28
A10006 Two zone panel
A10007 Four zone panel
A10008 Eight zone panel
A10013Repeater panel with PSU
A10014Repeater panel 24 VDC

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