A Hydrosense System has two methods of leak or moisture detection, Linear or Point detection.

Linear detection is provided by Hydrowire moisture sensitive cables, which are connected to the control panel via a special Connection Box using a simple two core leader cable, making installation quick and inexpensive.

Available as standard 5 and 10 metre lengths pre-terminated with DIN plugs, Hydrowire is a flexible cable which will continuously monitor large areas. When even a small amount of water or mois-ture comes into contact with Hydrowire it will trigger an alarm. Hydrowire will dry out in around 20 minutes for use again. Each zone requires a junction box and an end of line plug.

Point detection is provided by Floor or Drip Tray Probes also connected to the control panel by simple two core leader cable. The Floor Probe is simply fixed to the floor and adjusted to give the required detection level and connected to the control panel via a simple junction box. The Drip Tray Probe has exactly the same facilities as the floor mounting probe but has a bracket for mounting onto the side of an ACU drip tray.

The Hydrowire and Probes are continuously monitored. Any disconnection or fault is immediately indicated on the control panel. All monitoring indicators can be repeated to remote repeater panels or via volt free contacts to a BMS.


  • Linear detection with Hydrowire
  • Point detection with Floor and Drip Tray Probes and Float Switches
  • 2 – 24 zone panels
  • Choice of panel design and mounting
  • Fully monitored detection and alarm circuits
  • Easily installed, serviced and maintained
  • Dedicated Fire-Cryer® ‘Water Leakage’ messages available
  • Remote ‘Water Alarm’ lamp units available
  • Zone breaker cables available
  • Auxiliary alarm contacts
  • Monitored alarm outputs
  • Battery backup
Part No.Water Leakage EquipmentFurther Information
Y40007Floor mounted probeEngineer's Manual
Y40008Drip mounted probeEngineer's Manual
Y40009Remote indicatorEngineer's Manual
Y400105 metre HydrowireEngineer's Manual
Y4001110 metre HydrowireEngineer's Manual
Y40012Hydrowire connection boxEngineer's Manual
Y40013End of line plugEngineer's Manual
Y40014Leader cable 50m
Y40015Fixing clips (100)
Y40016Protection cage for floor probe
Y40017Fire-cryer¨ water leakage alarm messageEngineer's Manual
Y40018Zone breaker leader 5m
Y40019Zone breaker leader 10m
Y40020Float switch Ð high water level alarmEngineer's Manual
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