Hush Buttons

An award-winning fire alarm solution for flats, apartments, houses of multiple occupation and more!

  • Reduces false alarms and the likelihood of unnecessary building evacuations, system vandalism and the possibility of a true alarm signal being ignored
  • Designed to sit on an Apollo or Hochiki analogue addressable loop (see diagram)
  • Each Hush Button has its own conventional detector circuit, conventional sounder circuit and onboard loop isolator
  • Provides each HMO dwelling with a two-minute silence facility and 15-minute isolate facility
  • Fully monitored for open and short circuit faults
  • Logging facilities at the main communal panel gives full traceability of any problems
  • Can be operated by building occupants whilst standing at floor level
  • Fully compliant with the requirements of BS 5839 Part 1 and Part 6 as appropriate


Part No.Hush ButtonsFurther Information
F20009BS5839-6 Hush Button Hochiki ESP protocolEngineer's Manual
F20010BS5839-6 Hush Button, stainless steel version Hochiki ESP protocolEngineer's Manual
F20011BS5839-6 Hush Button Apollo XP95/Discovery protocolEngineer's Manual
F20012BS5839-6 Hush Button, stainless steel version Apollo XP95/Discovery protocolEngineer's Manual

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