Hochiki Addressable Devices

Up to 127 devices are permitted on each loop.

A sensor address can be set by a hand held programming unit. The sensor mounts to an electronics free base and incorporates a locking mechanism for secure installation. The base provides mounting slots, terminals for field wiring and a third contact for a remote indicator/LED. The sensor incorporates dual LED’s for easy viewing of sensor status.

Part No.Hochiki DetectorsFurther Information
S20003ALG-E Photoelectric Smoke SensorEngineer's Manual
S30008AIE-E Ionisation Smoke SensorEngineer's Manual
S30004ACB-E Heat Sensor CombinedEngineer's Manual
S30009ACA-E Multi SensorEngineer's Manual
S30006YBN-R/3 Analogue Base
Part No.Hochiki SoundersFurther Information
S30003YBO-BS: Base SounderEngineer's Manual
S30011CHQ-WS2 Wall Mounted SounderEngineer's Manual
S30012Red Base for Wall Sounder
S30013YBO-BSB Base Sounder BeaconEngineer's Manual
S30014YBO-WBS Wall Mounted Sounder
Part No.Hochiki DevicesFurther Information
S30016CHQ - DIM Dual Input ModuleEngineer's Manual
S20001CHQ - DRC Dual Relay ControllerEngineer's Manual
S30017CHQ - DSC Dual Sounder ControllerEngineer's Manual
S20002CHQ - MRC Mains Relay ControllerEngineer's Manual
S30018CHQ - Z - OEM Dual Zone MonitorEngineer's Manual
S30019CHQ - SZM Single Zone MonitorEngineer's Manual
S30005CHQ - Surface Back BoxEngineer's Manual
S30007Hand Held ProgrammerEngineer's Manual
S30002SR2/2T Call Point Back BoxEngineer's Manual
S30020HCP-W Weatherproof Call PointEngineer's Manual
S30021HCP-E Call PointEngineer's Manual
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