Hochiki Europe, world leaders in fire detection manufacturing introduces a brand new concept to the UK market – an innovative new Emergency Lighting system, FIREscape.

FIREscape is a unique, highly cost effective and environmentally friendly emergency lighting system based on LED technology and is the UK’s first to be fully intelligent.

FIREscape is based around an addressable, emergency lighting control panel with battery back-up and features addressable, self contained luminaires and signage connected via traditional low-voltage (24V) cabling. With lighting units fitting directly onto the standard Hochiki Europe sensor base, FIREscape offers the installer a brand new and easy solution to the installation of emergency lighting and signage.

Low Voltage

Less than 5% energy consumption compared to traditional lighting*1

LED Technology

Low carbon emissions – less than 5% CO2e compared to traditional lighting*2


Unique intelligent addressable technology allows control and testing of individual luminaires

Low Maintenance

Less than 5% lamp changes when compared to traditional lighting*3

Graphics Software

Allows instant overview of complete system and assists in maintenance tasks

*1 Figure based on tests of 100 luminaires over 10 years
*2 Figure based on comparison of traditional fluorescent tubing with FIRElux installation of 100 luminaires
*3 Figure based on lamp changes over a ten year period for a system of 100 luminaires


Click here for additional information about FIREscape


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