FireClass Detection Range

Resilience to false alarms is highly important for any detection system. The FireClass range of high quality optical smoke and multi-sensor smoke detectors and triple sensor detectors provide the ultimate in false alarm rejection. With “two-detectors-in-one” this allows various false alarm reduction strategies and the Day/Night mode reduces false alarms when the building is occupied.

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Part No.FireClass Detection RangeFurther Information
Y60001Optical smoke detectorEngineer's Manual
Y60002Multi-sensor detectorEngineer's Manual
Y60003Triple sensing detectorEngineer's Manual
Y60004Heat detectorEngineer's Manual

FireClass Addressable Sounders and Call Points

A wide range of addressable sounders and bells are available with high sound output characteristics. Easy to install, hence lowering installation time and costs, the sounders with their clean modern style are suitable for a wide range of environments. The range also includes weatherproof units for outdoor use.

A comprehensive range of call points for use with FireClass addressable systems using the robust and reliable, FireClass open protocol. All the call points are designed to enable an alarm signal to be given by breaking a glass element with the option of a resettable deformable element. This operates a switch and is indicated by an LED indicator. If required, an optional transparent hinged cover may be installed to guard against accidental operation. Both indoor and outdoor versions are available.

Part No.FireClass Addressable Sounders and Call Points
Y60005Red sounder
Y60006White sounder
Y60007Red sounder IP65
Y60008Red sounder beacon
Y60009White sounder beacon
Y60010Red sounder beacon IP65
Y60011Red call point Ð no back box
Y60012Red call point weather proof Ð with back box
Y60013Common detector base
Y60014Loop powered sounder base with isolator
Y60015Loop powered sounder beacon base with isolator
Y60016Isolator base
Y60017Ancillary sounder base
Y60018Call point back box
Y60019Hand held service and programming tool
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