Fire paging for the hearing impaired

BS5839-1: 2002 compliant*

Pagetek Pro Fire Alarm Paging System

The PageTek Pro has been designed specifically to answer requests from customers for a fully monitored paging system at a sensible price. It is designed to comply with the recommendations detailed in BS5839-1: 2002 for secondary alerting of the hearing impaired to the activation of a fire alarm system. The unit simply links to a relay output from the fire panel which, when activated, will transmit a constantly repeating text alert to the pagers until it is reset.

Part No.PageTek Pro Further Information
X20001 PageTek Pro professional paging system. Mains powered, fully monitored. Required 7Ah backup batteryEngineer's Manual
User Manual
X20003 AnswerTek Pro monitoring receiver. Monitors up to 10 transmitters. Mains powered
Part No.Aerials
X20012 3/4 wave PageTek aerial inc gland
X20013 Lightweight 1/2 wave dipole aerial, wall mount with approx 5 metre cable. Inc gland for Pagetek Pro

Pager and Night Stand

With ruggedised case and rechargeable AA battery, this pager can be used for many applications; but when used with PageTek Pro it really excels. As well as being BS5839 compliant*, it has an optional Night Stand and vibrating pillow pad to alert a deaf person to a fire when in bed. The Night Stand also has USB enabling PC connectivity for data log-in, page programming etc.

Part No.Standard Pagers
X20004 Top display single line pager. Displays simple ‘canned’ text messages
X20005Front display single line pager. Displays simple ‘canned’ text messages
GEO Scribe, 40 char, two line text pager, tone/vibrate. With bungee, holster, battery and pager pocket
X20007 4 line / 8 line(selectable) alphanumeric pager, text pager, tone/vibrate. With bungee, holster and pager pocket

PageTek Pro Monitoring Receiver

When used with the add-on Answertek Pro monitoring receiver, PageTek Pro will also activate in the event of radio signal jamming, weak signal or loss of signal.

Part No. GE08aZ AA Pager & accessories
Alphanumeric 4 line / 8 line pager with rechargeable AANiMh battery
X20009 Night Stand / charger for X20008 pager. Features strobe, multiple alert outputs and USB
Charger for only X20008 pager
X20011 Vibrating pillow pad (requires X20008 pager and X20009 Night Stand
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