Conventional Fire Alarm Panels

Vega.18 1–8 Zone Conventional Control Panels

The Vega 8 control panel is housed in the most attractive, modern designed flame retardent ABS enclosure, utilising a switch mode power supply. It has a fully removable front cover which improves ease of access for cable installations.

Rigel.28 2-8 Zone Conventional Control Panels

LPCB certified to the latest revisions of EN54 parts 2 and 4, our new-look super-enhanced conventional fire panel offers an array of user and installer-friendly features at a very competitive price.

Capella.28 2–8 zone Conventional Control Panels

The versatility of Capella conventional fire panels can be further enhanced by fitting Capella ancillary boards.

Luna.32 2-32 Zone Conventional Control Panels

The Luna.32 range of conventional control panels are powerful yet user friendly. They are designed and manufactured to a high standard and are approved by LPCB to EN54 parts 2 & 4.

Luna.28 2-8 Zone Conventional Control Panels

The LUNA.28 panel supports a wide variety of commonly available detectors, call points and sounders from various manufacturers and has many useful configurable options, inputs and outputs to aid with installation and retrofitting.

Luna.18 1-8 Zone Conventional Control Panels

The Luna.18 conventional panel may be supplied in 2, 4 or 8 zone formats. It complies with the requirements of EN54 Part 2.