DX Connexion

The new Connexion panel incorporates a wide range of advanced functionality.

The new Connexion panel incorporates the following advanced functionality.

  • Fast-track set-up leaves the installer with a working system after just five button presses
  • Optional true peer-to-peer, fault tolerant redundant network
  • Modular concept, allowing zone expansion, key switch, larger batteries and other options
  • EN54 compliant network supports up to 16 loops, using any combination of one, two, four loop panels
  • PC tool simplifies text entry though the ability to import text from Microsoft Excel spreadsheet
  • Support for three industry-leading device protocols – Apollo, Hochiki and System Sensor – within one product
  • Fully backward-compatible: the PC tool can also download and convert an existing DX configuration and upload into a Connexion panel, enabling easy upgrade or retrofit applications
  • Up to 80 zones stand-alone or as part of a network
  • Third party protocol support via RS232/485 interface and connection to Visualeyez alarm management system
  • Provides the option to upload a company logo
  • A mobile phone-style keypad and navigation keys make text input at the panel more intuitive, with end-user keys in one logical group
  • Pictorial instruction button logos ensure easy identification and navigation
  • Simple to use and understand on-screen and end-user instructions, including ‘are you sure?’ confirmation prompt before taking evacuation or other action
  • Memory unlock without opening the panel door
Part No.DX ConnexionFurther Information
A90034DXc1 Single LoopEngineer's Manual
User Manual
A90035DXc2 Two LoopEngineer's Manual
User Manual
A90036DXc4 Four LoopEngineer's Manual
User Manual
A90037Bezel for DXc1
A90038Bezel for DXc2/4
A90039Bezel Extension DXc1 + EXT
A90040Bezel Extension DXc2/4 + EXT
A9004140 Zone LED Card
A9004280 Zone LED Card
A90043Network Card
A90044RS232 Card
A90045Blank cover for Extension Box
A90046Extension Back Box
A90047Custom Key Plate Cover
A90048Keyswitch Unit
A90049Rack Mount for DXc1 Panel
A90050Rack Mount for DXc2/4 Panel
A90051Software Disk
A90052USB Upload/ Download Lead
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