Door Retainers

An attractively styled door release unit suitable for use in hospitals,hotels, elderly peoples homes, schools etc, where fire doors are in constant use. Designed to hold open fire or smoke stop doors for convenience and then release them automatically in the event of an emergency.

Door Retainer

This rugged, versatile design of door magnet can be used for many different door holding applications. With the magnet set as shown opposite, the door holder can be floor or ceiling mounted. Turn the magnet through 90º and the door holder is in wall mounting configuration.

The stand and adjustable head are fabricated from steel providing a very robust structure. A moulded cover is included to conceal the mounting fixings once the
holder is fitted.

The pole is available in two standard lengths, but can easily be cut down to shorter lengths on site. For special lengths and voltages, please call our sales team.

Floor Mounting Bracket (E20002)

This bracket enables the DRW series of door retainers to be converted to a floor mounted retainer.

Chain and Plate (E20009)

This metal keeper plate comes attached to a 1m chain which can be shortened as necessary to fill the gap between a door and the wall. The solution can be used with all door retainers.

Acoustic Door Holder

The new acoustic door holder provides a simple, quick fit solution to safely hold open fire doors using new intelligent software designed to eliminate false releases. It looks like a traditional door holding magnet, mounting on the wall behind the door, out of sight and out of harms way. This holder is battery powered and needs no wiring, being triggered by the sound of the fire alarm.

  • Digital, acoustically triggered, battery powered, magnetic door holder
  • CE marked under the CPD for up to power size 5 doors
  • 2 x “C” cell batteries, 12 months life
  • Mounts behind the door avoiding accidental damage
  • Intelligent learning function gives a digital release profile unique to the
  • alarm sound at the door
  • Avoids nuisance false releases from other noises
  • Default setting for approximately 70dB(A) volume of a typical sounder
  • Battery life indication and low battery warning
  • Can be set to automatically release daily at set times
  • 200N holding force

Part No.DescriptionFurther Information
E20006Acoustic Door HolderEngineer's Manual

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