Discovery XP95

There are two types of analogue addressable system – those with ‘distributed intelligence’ and those with ‘centralised intelligence’.

In systems with ‘distributed intelligence’, the detectors incorporate processors which can determine whether alarm levels of smoke or heat exist and can initiate action accordingly.

Detectors in systems with ‘centralised intelligence’ monitor the air around them for smoke or heat and transmit the data to the control panel on interrogation. The processor in the panel compares the values with stored values and determines whether a pre-alarm or alarm should be signalled.

The advantages of ‘distributed intelligence’ are local adaptation to the environment and reduction of traffic on the supply and data wires.

Apollo has always used an open, digital protocol since 1986 and has ensured backward compatibility when developing new products. An open protocol allows freedom of choice for the fire system specifier, installer and end user. A system using a digital protocol has a high immunity from corruption and is therefore often preferred in a system which is life critical.

Part No.XP95 DetectorsFurther Information
C40001Optical DetectorEngineer's Manual
C40002Ionisation DetectorEngineer's Manual
C40003Heat DetectorEngineer's Manual
C40004High Temp Heat DetectorEngineer's Manual
C40005Multisensor DetectorEngineer's Manual
C40007IsolatorEngineer's Manual
C40018Call Point c/w IsolatorEngineer's Manual
Part No.XP95 Bases and AccessoriesFurther Information
C40008Isolator BaseEngineer's Manual
C40009Isolating Base (20 Devices)Engineer's Manual
C40010Detector BaseEngineer's Manual
C400161- 126 Pre-addressed Xpert CardsEngineer's Manual
C40017Xpert CardEngineer's Manual
Part No.XP95 Surface InterfacesFurther Information
C40021Input/Output UnitEngineer's Manual
C400223 Channel Input/Output UnitEngineer's Manual
C40023Output UnitEngineer's Manual
C40024Switch MonitorEngineer's Manual
C40026Mini Switch MonitorEngineer's Manual
C40027Zone MonitorEngineer's Manual
C40028Sounder Control UnitEngineer's Manual
C40029Mains Input/Output UnitEngineer's Manual
Part No.XP95 Audio & Visual DevicesFurther Information
E30001Cranford Vantage XP95 Sounder
E30002Cranford Vantage XP95 Sounder Beacon
C40032Weatherproof Enclosure for BeaconEngineer's Manual
C40034Integrated Base Sounder c/w IsolatorEngineer's Manual
C40035Ancillary Base SounderEngineer's Manual
C40038Base Sounder Cover
C40040Base Sounder BeaconEngineer's Manual
C40046Sonos SounderEngineer's Manual
C40050Weatherproof SounderEngineer's Manual
C40054Loop Powered BeaconEngineer's Manual
C40059Sonos Sounder BeaconEngineer's Manual
C40062Symphoni Style Sounder BeaconEngineer's Manual
C40063Symphoni Sounder Beacon c/w IsolatorEngineer's Manual
C40064Weatherproof Sounder BeaconEngineer's Manual
Part No.XP95 Din Rail InterfacesFurther Information
C40065Switch MonitorEngineer's Manual
C40066Zone MonitorEngineer's Manual
C40067Sounder Control UnitEngineer's Manual
C40068Input/Output UnitEngineer's Manual
C40069Mains Input/OutputEngineer's Manual
C40070Output UnitEngineer's Manual
C40071Din Rail Enclosure (4 Devices)Engineer's Manual
C40072Din Rail Enclosure (10 Devices)Engineer's Manual
C40073Dual IsolatorEngineer's Manual
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