Disabled Refuge – 5

The Disabled Refuge – 5 is a fixed, secure, bi-directional, full duplex voice communication system.

It can assist fire fighters in an emergency in high rise buildings or large sites where radio communication may not work, and covers the operation of both fire telephones and disabled refuge systems. Where both systems are fitted to a building, BS 5839 A2-2008 Part 9:2003 specifies these should form a single system.

The Disabled Refuge – 5 is designed to fully comply with BS5839 A2-2008 Part 9: 2003 for use as a Fire Telephone System, Disabled Refuge Call System or as a combined system when both Fire Telephones and Disabled Refuge points are required. It comprises of the master handset and up to 5 outstations (type A, type B or jack points) as required.

The Disabled Refuge – 5 is ideal for small public building which are required to install an emergency voice communication system, but which have only 2 or 3 locations, leaving room for expansion.

The Disabled Refuge – 5 is self-contained and houses the battery charger and power supply, and can be surface or semi-flush mounted as standard. The case is made from powder coated Zintec and is fitted with 20mm cable knockouts for all cables needed, and also provides space for the system backup 12V SLA battery.

The unit is processor controlled, but requires no programming
on site. The panel is fitted with end of lines which are discarded when an outstation is connected.

Key Features 

  • Monitored handset
  • Fully monitored supply and charger
  • Up to five outstations per system
  • Five line keys, one fault accepted
  • 15 status LEDs
  • Full duplex system
  • No programming required
  • Wall mount case
  • BS 5839: A2-2008 P5 9: 2004 compliant

Part No.Disabled Refuge - 5Further Information
R100015 Zone disabled refuge master control panelEngineer's Manual
User Manual
R10002Refuge hand set with push to open door
R10003Surface green refuge outstation
R10004Flush green refuge outstation
R1000510 Zone disabled refuge master control panel
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