Conventional Call Points & Accessories

We offer various types of call points, all of which can be fitted with clear plastic protective covers to reduce unwanted fire alarms. All of our call points have been manufactured to make installation and testing quick, easy and cost-effective.

Key Features 

  • CPD Approved
  • Resettable element
  • ‘Plug and Play’ connections for fast wiring
  • EN54–11
  • WP versions for outdoor use
  • Call points come with or without back box

Part No.Call PointsFurther Information
D10001 KAC call pointEngineer's Manual
N10001 STI green call point – EM door releaseEngineer's Manual
N10005 KAC blue call point – No resistorEngineer's Manual
N10006 KAC yellow call point – NO/NC Engineer's Manual
D10005 KAC waterproof call pointEngineer's Manual
D10006 Fulleon 470 – 680 Ohm call point with back boxEngineer's Manual
D10008 Fulleon 470 – 680 Ohm waterproof call pointEngineer's Manual
M20001 Two position key switch redEngineer's Manual
C40019 KAC clear plastic call point coverEngineer's Manual
D10004 KAC plastic call point key
D10009 Fulleon clear plastic call point cover
D10010 Replacement flexible elementEngineer's Manual
D10011 Fulleon plastic call point keyEngineer's Manual
Call point stopper with 30mm spacerEngineer's Manual
M20003 Call point stopper with 30mm spacer and sounder
M20004 Small plastic key cabinetEngineer's Manual
M20005 Spare plastic window for M20004

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