Cable Fixing Clips

A range of clips is available to suit all applications.

Edge Clip
Knock on edge clip designed for steel work of differing thickness



J Clip – Knock on clip for outer edge of conventional cable trays




A Clip – Nylon clip with cable tie for where heat transfer from the fixing point to the heat sensing cable must be minimized


T Clip – A plastic moulding with a slot into which the heat sensing cable is located


P Clip – Zinc plated steel clip with santoprene cushion insulator




K Clip – 6 mm dia. knock in spigot, simply drill and fix (HD cable only)

Part No.Cable Fixing Clips
E40008Edge Clip
E40009 J Clip
E40010 A Clip
E40011 T Clip
E40012 P Clip
E40013 K Clip

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