Apollo Test Equipment

XP95 Test Set 

The XP95 Test Set is a self-contained, portable test unit capable of providing a number of useful functions in relation to individual detectors, ancillary devices or complete circuits of analogue addressable devices in the Apollo intelligent ranges. The main function of the test set is to help the engineer guarantee correct loop configuration before an active control panel is installed.

  • User friendly LCD information display
  • Speedy commissioning
  • No unnecessary site visits
  • Significant cost reductions

Discovery Programmer

The Discovery Programmer is a portable test and configuration tool for Discovery smoke and heat detectors.

  • Look up the date of manufacture
  • Check the drift compensation value
  • Display and change the operating mode
  • Select/de-select LED flash mode
  • Tests detectors
  • Reads approval codes

Conventional Test Set

The Conventional Test Set is an invaluable tool designed to give a thorough on-site check of conventional fire detectors within the Apollo Series 65 and AlarmSense ranges. Each test set is supplied with a link head, mains adaptor and carrying case with shoulder strap.

  • Easy to use
  • Two button select/accept options
  • LCD for clear display

Flame Sensor Test Unit and Case

The Flame Sensor Test Unit is a tool which is designed to test flame detectors without the need of real flames.

  • Mimics the characteristics of real flames
Part No.Apollo Test EquipmentFurther Information
W40001 XP95 Test SetEngineer's Manual
W40002 Discovery programmerEngineer's Manual
W40003 Conventional test setEngineer's Manual
W40004 Flame sensor test unit and caseEngineer's Manual

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