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DualCom G4 is the highest EN50136 graded variant of the DualCom GradeShift® range and the UK’s most popular and best selling dual signalling. DualCom is an intruder and fire alarm signalling device that uses any available UK GPRS/GSM network and a telephone or IP path to transmit intruder, fire and personal attack signals at high speed via CSL DualCom’s Gemini managed network into all of the UK’s Alarm Receiving Centres.

Utilising multiple signalling paths and fast routine polling ensures that DualCom will always inform you of an alarm event on any signalling path.

DualCom G4 with WorldSIM® as standard has been designed to meet the stringent requirements of the European standard EN50136. The DualCom WorldSIM® provides Installers with access to any available mobile Network in one single product. It is available across the entire GradeShift® range and has been continuously enhanced for its use on our flagship signalling product, DualCom G4. WorldSIM® is no ordinary roaming SIM, CSL DualCom have spent time developing a patented algorithm so that it is able to offer the superior reliability of signalling that grade 4 standards demand. When used in conjunction with DualCom G4, line fault false alarms are reduced more than any other signalling product available today. Line fault false alarms are a major problem in the fight against false alarms and contribute to key holders being called to site unnecessarily. DualCom G4 with WorldSIM® as standard helps to minimise this disturbance.

Superior Reliability

DualCom G4 uses an end-to-end encrypted data link to send signals adding another layer of protection to the signalling. By utilising one minute heartbeat polling the status of your alarm is checked every minute.

DualCom G4 with WorldSIM® has been priced to make it even easier for Installers to sell and encourage end-users towards higher grade signalling. Thus satisfying the demands of the Insurance Companies and your customers’ risks.

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