Alarm Point Distance Locator (APDL)

The APDL is an optional Alarm Point Distance Locating device exclusively for use with Signaline FT heat sensing cables.

The APDL is designed to interface between an approved control panel or addressable module and a single length of Signaline FT heat sensing cable.

The operation of the cable with the control panel or addressable module is unaffected if the APDL becomes faulty or loses power. APDL complies with the relevant FM standard and is enclosed in an IP65 rated enclosure.


  • Alternating metres/feet display of alarm point
  • Cable selection
  • Leader cable calibration
  • Detection of alarm point from 100m to 3000m
  • Installation settings saved in event of power loss
  • IP65 rated enclosure for indoor/outdoor use
  • with smooth sides or 4 sizes of M knock-outs (Note: FM Approved for indoor use only)
  • Simple installation and operation
  • Backlit 16×2 character LCD display
  • Continued correct operation of control panel or addressable module regardless of faults which may occur in the unit
  • To maintain system certification any fire alarm control unit connected to the APDL is to be FM approved and any power supply used to power the APDL is to be ANSI/UL 1481 certified
Part No.Alarm Point Distance Locator (APDL)
E40014Alarm Point Distance Locator
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