FireClass Conventional Detectors

What is FireClass?

FireClass is a revolutionary new class of commercial fire detection products. FireClass consists of a comprehensive range of fully approved quailty products designed and manufactured in Europe.

FireClass is designed to appeal to both the end user and installer with the latest fire detection technology packaged in an easy to install, out-of-the box solution.

A new class of fire detection designed to meet all of your needs from a single supplier.

General Features

  • Unique early detection enhanced CO fire detector
  • Intelligent universal HPO smoke detector
  • Low profile, discreet and unobtrusive
  • Superior performance and reliability
  • Designed for fast, easy installation
  • Integral and remote alarm LED
  • Series of product approvals

Optical Smoke Detector

A detector ideal for use with slow burning or smouldering fires.

Part No.
Optical Smoke DetectorFurther Information
Y50001Optical Smoke DetectorEngineer's Manual

High Performance Optical Detector

A combined Smoke and Heat Detector ideal for use with slow smouldering fires or open flaming fires.

Part No.
High Performance Optical DetectorFurther Information
Y50002 High Performance Optical DetectorEngineer's Manual

Heat Detector

A combined fixed and rate of rise heat detector ideal for use where smoke detectors cannot be situated.

Part No.
Heat DetectorFurther Information
Y50003Heat Detector – Rate of RiseEngineer's Manual
Y50004Heat Detector – Fixed temperatureEngineer's Manual

Enhanced Carbon Monoxide Detector

A detector that provides very early warning for slow smouldering fires ideal for sleeping risks.

Part No. Enhanced Carbon Monoxide DetectorFurther Information
Y50005 Enhanced Carbon Monoxide DetectorEngineer's Manual

Solar Blind Infra Red Flame Detector

A detector that is ideal for protecting large open areas without sacrificing speed of response to flaming fires.

Part No.
olar Blind Infra Red Flame DetectorFurther Information
Y50006Solar Blind Infra Red Flame DetectorEngineer's Manual

Standard Bases 

General Features

  • Aesthetically discreet
  • Superior performance and reliability
  • Designed for rapid installation
  • Remote LED connection
Part No.Standard BasesFurther Information
Y50007 4B Detector BaseEngineer's Manual
Y50008 4B-D Conventional Diode BaseEngineer's Manual
Y50009 Ceiling Tile Adaptor KitEngineer's Manual
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